The world's fastest industrial printer in it's class.

Introducing the Nexa3D XiP Pro

Introducing the Nexa3D XiP Pro

Introducing the Nexa3D XiP Pro



Additive Manufacturing

Rapid prototyping, small run manufacturing, material choices, FDM, DLP, MJP. Get the 3D printed parts you need.

Education & Training

On-site, software, hardware, training, groups, schools, students, professionals. Get the knowledge you need.

3D Scanning

Large scale, fine detail, replication, restoration, reverse engineering, digitization. Get the 3D scanning experience you need.

Design & Consultation

On-demand design services, expert advice, napkin to 3D, from scratch or ready to ship. Get the design expertise you need.

3D Technologies

3D Printers, 3D scanners, peripherals, accessories, materials. Purchase the tools you need.

Process Optimization

Industry, manufacturing, tooling, jigs, production. Optimize your processes. Learn how 3D technologies can fit your needs.


Aerospace & Defense

Additive manufacturing provides a proven competitive edge for advanced defense, space and flight platforms.

Education & Training

With 3D printing you can bring a 3D visualization or object into the physical world as an artifact to aid learning.

Fashion & Entertainment

Use additive technologies to tap into global micro trends, niche markets, and unique personalization.

Automotive & Transport

Seize the game changing benefits of additive manufacturing in your product development or logistics processes.

Manufacturing & Industry

Reap the benefits of additive technologies to develop unique processes or enhance traditional methods.

Arts & Academia

Explore cutting edge applications in historical, artistic and preservation endeavors.

Engineering & Design

Empower your team and leverage innovation with new additive enabled geometries, approaches and materials.

Consumer Goods & Accessories

Revolutionize the concept of customized, personalized and be-spoke goods in your consumer-driven landscape.

Healthcare & Wellness

Additive manufacturing provides growing and accelerating benefits to healthcare and wellness sectors.

Additive Technologies


Continuous filaments of thermoplastic materials fed through a hot-end and deposited on a platform to build up an object.


Open resin platforms such as Zortrax give you flexibility while providing quality results with UV LED LCD for small to medium sized parts.


3D Systems MultiJet Printing and ColorJet Printing platforms produce high fidelity parts across multiple characteristics.

cDLM / DLP / 3SP

envisionTEC’s proprietary printing platforms use qualified UV curable resins to meet exacting industry expectations.

Vendor Partners

ETEC a Desktop Metal brand – Proprietary industry leading DLP, cDLM, and 3SP laser processes and materials. Ideal for healthcare, medical, aerospace, engineering, education, automotive, modeling, manufacturing, fashion, arts, entertainment and more. Industrial, robotic and Biomedical systems also available.

Nexa3D – Leading the ultrafast polymer 3D printing revolution. Ideal for healthcare, medical, aerospace, engineering, education, automotive, modeling, manufacturing, fashion, arts, entertainment and more. Industrial grade and desktop systems available.

ZORTRAX – Industry leading desktop FDM. OEM and open materials. Ideal for manufacturing, education, hobby, entertainment, prototyping, modeling, engineering, arts, design and more.

FELIX – Easy to use desktop and large format FDM. Industrial and BIOprinting systems. Ideal for medical, engineering, education, automotive, manufacturing, research, entertainment and more.

FDM with material flexibility. Ideal for research, automotive, engineering, education, automotive, manufacturing, modeling, part production, entertainment and more.

Open FDM process and materials. Ideal for manufacturing, education, entertainment, prototyping, modeling, engineering, design and more.

Small format FDM process and materials. Ideal for education, hobby, ideation, and more. Scanners and accessories also available.

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