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3D printing provides an unparalleled potential in education especially when combined with a flexible classroom environment, appropriate unit planning, strategic engagement, and cross discipline approaches. PaliProto 3D Printing can aid you in incorporating 3D printing in your student classroom or training environment. From charter schools, after-school demos, clubs, home-school co-ops, standards based curriculum and weekly units to corporate environments, R&D labs and maintenance we can provide resources, tools and consultation.

With 3D printing in education and training environments you can bring a 3D visualization or object into the physical world as an artifact to aid learning. This allows students and trainees of all ages and experiences to be able to inspect, analyze and process the lessons with the benefit of physical manipulation, spatial reasoning and touch.

3D printing in education and training environments is highly complimented by related technologies such as haptics, scanning and AR/VR experiences.

Example Applications:

historical replicas, artwork, geography, geometry, mathematical modeling, biology, chemistry, medicine, robotics, training

Example Benefits:

Tangible interaction

Teaching conception to creation to production

Design process and failure optimization knowledge

Curriculum enrichment

Promotion of problem-solving skills

Feed creativity

Student engagement

Modular learning

Hands-on training and guides

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