Accessories and Tools

We are often asked what additional tools and accessories are needed to get started with 3D printing. The answer is, like so many things in life, it depends.

Below we will have a growing list of tools, accessories and devices that we use in our production facility or recommend to our customers. Let’s start with the most critical items first, safety.

Safety Items

Nitrile Gloves

Required if you are doing any resin DLP / LCD / SLA printing. Recommended if you routinely use any adhesives, paints, coatings or liquids. Despite the safety sheets of most resins it is still not wise to let chemicals sit on your skin or let your hands take a bath in a vat of resin. Wear your gloves.

Safety Glasses

Not just for splash protection or dust. Even the simplest support removal job can suddenly generate a flying shard of ABS into your eyeball! Trust us. This is not a fun event. Get yourself some safety glasses and wear them!


There are a number of options for airflow. Most printers only require a well ventilated room. In some situations where air quality is a primary concern we provide hoods with HEPA filters for our Zortrax machines and we also recommend the installation of either free standing HEPA units, a DIY fume hood, or full scale industrial air handling systems. We do consultative site assessments in such cases.

Respirators and masks

Masks will protect your lungs. Your lungs will thank you. If you are working with caustic adhesives, solvents, finishing projects, using paints, or sensitive to resin fumes we highly recommend using a respirator. Our go to is the 3M respirator, each member of our staff has their own and they come in small, medium and larger sizes. We also use particulate masks for sanding jobs. Stock up in case there’s another rush!

There are additional safety items that can make life easier such as a well stocked first aid kit and if you’re dealing with resin and solvents we HIGHLY recommend an eye wash station such as this faucet mounted model!

We will keep adding tools and accessories as time permits. If you would like advise and guidance in setting up your own maker space and work shop, give us a call. Happy (and safe) printing!

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