MultiJet Printing and ColorJet Printing Platforms

Highly versatile additive platforms to meet complex needs

MJP and CJP are 3D Systems proprietary platforms offering many choices for engineering grade materials, elastomers and composites. Ideal for prototyping, manufacturing, anatomical models, low run production, assemblies, visualization, ergonomics, FEA analyses, color and texture validation, jigs, molds and so much more.

We have the ProJet CJP 660Pro and ProJet MJP 2500 Plus in out service bureau available for your needs. We will provide consultation and guidance in identifying the best material and platform for your production needs.

MJP Material Options

VisiJet Armor M2G-CL

VisiJet M2 EBK

VisiJet M2 ENT

VisiJet M2R-BK


VisiJet M2R-GRY

VisiJet M2R-TN

VisiJet M2R-WT

VisiJet ProFlex M2G-DUR

VisiJet M2E-BK70

VisiJet M2S-HT250

VisiJet M2S-HT90

CJP Material

VisiJet PXL (CJP) + CMYK / Infiltrant

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