Manufacturing & Industry

Leverage the benefits of 3D printing

With additive technologies increasingly in use the wider manufacturing and industrial sectors are reaping the same benefits as aerospace, defense and automotive sectors. Disruptive trends and developments spread-headed by various 3D printing technologies and materials have led to an explosion of entirely unique processes and the much-needed enhancements to older traditional methods. As such, allowing companies and entire sectors to remain competitive in a globalized market.

Example Applications:

Molds, On-Demand Spare Parts, Repair and Maintenance, Prototyping, R&D, Production Parts, Jigs, Fixtures, Tooling, Bridge / Gap Production, quality assurance (QA), Low Volume Production runs, High Volume Production Runs

Example Benefits:

Shorter Lead times

Agile Development Compatibility

Risk Reduction

Reduced Development Times

Inventory Management

Reliable validation and QA processes

Tooling cost reductions

In-house production of functional prototypes

Design freedom and advantage

Assembly cost reductions

Faster design iteration

Consolidation of Bill of Materials (BOM) through part simplification

Just-in-Time (JuT) Manufacturing

Distributed and on-site production

Accelerated maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO)

Supply Chain Consolidation

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