Fashion & Entertainment

Leverage the benefits of 3D printing

Additive manufacturing technologies and processes are revolutionizing the concept of customized, personalized and be-spoke fashion. From footwear, to jewelry, to accessories and even clothing and textiles, 3D printing is touching on and influences consumer demand and expectations when it comes to unique style.

The traditional hallmarks of long tail and even fast fashion are falling to the wayside. Mass production, cookie cutter style, massive inventories, seasonality, long lead times are all old and tired in a consumer-driven market. 3D printing provides distinct advantages and opportunities to enable tapping into global micro trends, niche markets, and unique desires of your consumers in ways companies never could before.

When it comes to entertainment applications, 3D printing along with an exploding technology sector of software, hardware, applications and tools allow for growing innovative uses both in studio, on set, or in the production pipeline .

Example Applications:

Clothing, Accessories, Jigs, Custom Rigging, Textiles, Personal Adornment, FX, Prototyping, Market Testing, One Off Production, Props, Replicas, Animation, Ergonomics, Prosthetics, 3D Selfies

Example Benefits:

Product Personalization and Customization

Customized tooling and manufacturing aids for low volume runs

Distributed and on-site production

Just-in-Time (JuT) Manufacturing

Shorter Lead Times / Faster Time-to-Market (ToM)

Reduced Development Times

Inventory Management

Reliable validation and QA processes

Design freedom and creativity


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