envisionTEC Platforms

Precision. Surface finish. Speed

Industry pioneering technology for pioneers in industry.

cDLM / DLP / 3SP are all pioneering technologies from industry leader envisionTEC. Their precise, fast, and quality assured platforms have served industries for years. From aerospace to dental, from engineering to manufacturing, from the arts to fashion envisionTEC has both the printers and the materials to serve your needs. In our service bureau we have the Perfactory 4, Vector 3SP and Micro Plus cDLM printers to serve your needs and we can provide consultation services if you are looking for an industrial printer to fit your precision needs. With a wide selection of industrial and applied materials there are few jobs these systems can’t handle.

  • Easy Cast 2.0 C
  • EC3000
  • EC500
  • E-Clear Series
  • E-Denstone
  • E-Dent 100
  • E-Dent 400 C&B MFH
  • E-Denture 3D +
  • E-Glass 2.0
  • E-Guard
  • E-Guide Tint
  • E-Gum
  • E-IDB
  • E-Model
  • E-OrthoShape
  • E-Partial
  • EPIC
  • E-Rigid PU
  • E-RigidForm
  • ESD
  • E-Shell® 200 Series
  • E-Shell® 300 Series
  • E-Shell® 3000 Series
  • E-Shell® 500 Series
  • E-Shell® 600 Series
  • E-Silicone
  • E-Tool 2.0

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