Community Engagement Projects

As a small business and local 3D Printing and 3D Scanning resource we often find ourselves called to participate in or drawn to educational or Community Engagement Projects. Our portfolio of 3D technologies and skilled resources lend themselves to a wide array of events and activities, from church sponsored STEM career days, to city wide Science Festivals, from Community Center Maker Spaces to Heritage and Historical documentation.

We welcome these rich opportunities and are open to connecting with folks who have project ideas. We also welcome a conversation with those who would like to sponsor or be a financial patron to these projects. Please Note: Funds and resources allocated to our Community Engagement Projects are used solely for these projects.

Current Projects

The Digitized South


Today we have the technology that can capture buildings, monuments, places, churches, court houses, squares, historic birthplaces and homes, community spaces, and more in 3D technology and save them for those who can’t be there and for future generations. Our goal with this project is to provide digitized assets for use in historical preservation, education, VR/AR, research, and community engagement.

Past Projects



STEM and STEAM are critical to education. We enjoyed participating as part of the STEM WARS initiative. Bringing 3D Printing and 3D Scanning to curious students and parents alike!



For various years we’ve enjoyed participating in Atlanta’s Maker Fair. Always trying to find ways to make 3D printing, 3D scanning, and design thinking relevant to the every day and accessible all the while engaging the hands and minds of event goers. From 3D printed musical instruments to haptics sculpting in digital clay, from creating adaptive tools and disability aids to hands on examples of using 3D printing in arts and crafts. We have a lot of fun!