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Leverage the benefits of 3D printing

How we can help

At PaliProto 3D we are able to provide robust scanning, design, and production work for your artistic project. In a wide range of materials, processes and with hands on finishing techniques we are able to leverage additive tools to help bring your creative vision to life.

How is AM being used in the wider Industry?

3D Printing allows artists to bring to life complex geometries and stories to life. A medium in it’s own right digitally fabricated art and design is enabling visionary breakthroughs in artistic communication. 3D printing, “digital clay” and scanning form a tripod for artistic expression and enable an iterative approach that can save time and material costs for production artists and creatives. For example being able to duplicate a sculpture, edit variations in real time and visualize it on site through technology. Likewise, the medium lends itself to cutting edge explorations and experiments in geometry, the meaning of failure/glitches, and storytelling through iterative productions in time and space.

In academia, institutions are using 3D printing and complimentary technologies such as 3D scanning and capture in novel ways. From historical reproductions, to artifact capture, to museum replicas, to enabling virtual explorations and exhibits, to archaeological field research. Additive technologies lend themselves well as a tool in a wide range of historical, artistic and academic endeavors.

Example Applications:

Sculpture, Artistic Exploration, Animation, Historical Reproduction, Historical Preservation, Virtual and 3D Museum Exhibits, Art Reproduction, Site Specific Visualizations, Archaeological Research, Sculpture Capture and Miniaturization

Example Benefits:

Design freedom and creativity


Customized Lifestyles

Accessible Education

Solutioning Design Problems

Materials Usage

Design Iteration

Site Specific Designs and Installation Verification

Preservation and Digital / Virtual Catalogs

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