Felix TEC 4L

About the FELIX Tec Series

All Tec 4 printers are proven work-horses built to last with high quality components such as full metal print heads and industrial grade linear guides. ‘Plug & Play’.  Easy to install and maintain, minutes until first use. Three point contact build platforms with flexible build plates are a game changer. The Tec 4 is also future proof with an “upgrade as you go” design. The Tec 4 also comes in XL, DIY kit and with an optional enclosure.

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The Felix TEC 4L is ideal for educational and technical applications

It is a hard-working machine without unnecessary frills that gets the job done.

Colleges, schools and production teams love to use the Tec 4. The open structure optimizes learning and its user-friendly interface and design encourages independent use yet it’s still easy and low maintenance with solid results.

Technical Specifications

Build Size

L x W x H

Single Head – 255 x 205 x 220 mm

Dual Head – 240 x 205 x 220 mm

Single Head – 255 x 205 x 400 mm

Dual Head – 240 x 205 x 400 mm

Build volume 11.5 liters (3 gallons) 21 liters (5.5 gallons)
Physical Dimensions

L x W x H

450 x 410 x 520 mm or 17.7 x 16 x 20.5 inch 480 x 410 x 760 mm or 18.9 16 x 30 inch
Total weight approx. 10 kg approx. 10 kg
Extrusion speed 18mm3/s* with a 0.35 mm nozzle
Motion Speed Up to 200 mm/sec
Layer height Minimum 50μm – maximum 250μm
Print heads Up to 2

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Aftermarket & Replacement Parts, Art & Popular Culture, Casting, Color & Marketing Validation, Concept Modeling, Display & Visualization, Elastomeric Structures, Ergonomics, Housings & Covers, Injection Molding, Jigs & Fixtures, Masks & Plugs, Molds, Production Parts, Props & Costumes, Prototypes, Reverse Engineering, Small & Medium Run Manufacturing, Snap Fit & Live Hinges, Tooling


Architecture & Design, Automotive, Construction, Consumer & Durable Goods, Education, Engineering, Entertainment & Art, Fashion & Jewelry, Government & Defense, Healthcare & Medical, Manufacturing, Prototyping & Modeling, Research & Development

Material Characteristics

Biodegradable, Chemical Resistance, Cold Resistance, Electrostatic Dissipation, Flame Retardance, Flexibility, Heat Resistance, High Compression Strength, High Detail, High Shear Strength, High Strength, High Tensile Strength, Humidity & Moisture Resistance, Impact Resistance, Rigidity, Superior Surface Finish, UV Resistance, Water Resistance

Technology Type

Composits, Dual Extrusion, Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF/FDM)


ABS, ABS-X, ASA, Carbon fiber reinforced (CFR), ESD, FLEX, HIPS, Metal Fill, NYLON, Other Materials On Spec, PETG, PLA, PVA, TPU, Wood Fill

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