Felix BIOPrinter

The FELIX BIOprinter


The FELIX BIOprinter raises the bar in terms of flexibility and adaptability, and is ideally suited for an array of research, scientific, and medical applications. The unique features of the system allow the BIOprinter to print with two different material types within the same print, improve material dosage and material flow, and print a wide range of viscosities and bio-inks.

Syringe & Print bed – heating / cooling between 2°C and 50°C
Dual head printing – Print 2 different bio-inks simultaneously
UV curing module – Sterilize print-area or cure foto sensitive material
Retraction Mechanism – Linear stepper motor ensures accurate dosing
Automatic bed levelling – A perfectly calibrated print bed means trustworthy results

Development and accreditation

Highly engineered system developed in collaboration with Technical University of Denmark to deliver high quality output for a wide range of biological applications. The FELIX BIO printer is developed in association with TRAINING4CRM and the European Commission

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Technical Specifications

Layer Resolution: to 50 microns

Build Plate: Aluminium sandwich plate with steel flexplate.

Print head: Dual syringe operation

Syringe Specs: 5 ml syringe(s)

Build Speed/s: Recommended build speed is 20 mm/s. Speed depends on material viscosity.

Typical print accuracy: ± 0.05 mm for sizes below 20 mm

Syringe Min/Max print temperatures: 0-50 ˚C

Syringe heat up time / cooling times: 10 seconds

XYZ resolution: XY, 1.6 microns, Z: 0.15 micron

Dimensions & Weight: 430 x 390 x 550 mm, 11.5kg

Build Volume: XYZ = 130 x 210 x 130 mm

Extrusion width: greater than 0.1mm, depending on nozzle size

Extrusion resolution: 0.000180 ml per step

Additional information


Biocompatible certified Class I materials, CE Certified Materials, Class I medical device, Class-IIa biocompatible / ISO 10993, Concept Modeling, Elastomeric Structures, FDA Approved, Prototypes, R&D, Reverse Engineering, UL94 V-0


Education, Engineering, Government & Defense, Healthcare & Medical, Prototyping & Modeling, Research & Development

Material Characteristics

Biodegradable, Biofabrication

Technology Type

3D biofabrication scaffold, 5ml Luer lock syringe extrusion, Dual Extrusion


Liquid Bio-ink, Max viscosity of 64 000 Centipoise, Paste Bio-ink

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