Industrial 3D Printer for Ultrafast Production

Best in class print size, volume, and speed at the lowest cost of ownership in its class.

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NXE 400 3D printer delivers best in breed print size, volume and speed at the lowest cost of ownership, making it ideal for series production and same day on-demand parts and prototypes.

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Aftermarket & Replacement Parts, Art & Popular Culture, Casting, CE Certified Materials, Class-IIa biocompatible / ISO 10993, Concept Modeling, Dimensional Accuracy, Display & Visualization, Elastomeric Structures, Ergonomics, Hot / Cold Molding, Housings & Covers, Injection Molding, Jigs & Fixtures, Masks & Plugs, Molds, Production Parts, Props & Costumes, Prototypes, R&D, Reverse Engineering, Small & Medium Run Manufacturing, Snap Fit & Live Hinges, Tooling


Aerospace, Architecture & Design, Automotive, Construction, Consumer & Durable Goods, Engineering, Entertainment & Art, Fashion & Jewelry, Government & Defense, Healthcare & Medical, Manufacturing, Prototyping & Modeling, Research & Development

Material Characteristics

Biodegradable, Chemical Resistance, Cold Resistance, Electrostatic Dissipation, Flame Retardance, Flexibility, Full Color, Heat Resistance, High Compression Strength, High Detail, High Shear Strength, High Strength, High Tensile Strength, Humidity & Moisture Resistance, Impact Resistance, Low Ash Burnout, Rigidity, Superior Surface Finish, UV Resistance, Water Resistance

Technology Type

Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc), Stereolithography (SLA), Vat Photopolymerization


3843-ABS-Black, x45 Clear, x45 Natural, xCAST, xCE Black, xCE White, xFLEX475 Black, xFLEX475 White, xGPP-Grey, xGPP-Translucent, xMED412, xPEEK147, xPP405 Black, xPP405 Clear, xPRO 410, xPRO410


Build Envelope 10.8 x 6.1 x 15.7 inch

(274 x 155 x 400 mm)

Build Speed Up to 120 mm/hour, material dependent
Pixel Pitch 76.5 µm
Wavelength 405 nm
Max Resolution 4k (3840×2160)

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