Felix Pro 3

The FELIX Pro 3 is the latest addition to the Pro Series of 3D printers and builds on the success of its predecessors in terms of quality and reliability to provide professional users with an intuitive, easy-to-use manufacturing tool for every stage of their product development workflow.

Why the Pro3?

  1. Ready to print within minutes. Touchscreen and innovative automated calibration.
  2. With just 34dB, one of most silent printers available
  3. Best in class print results. Due to unique robust, precise and open design.
  4. Innovative dual head printing system. Enables more design freedom compared to single head printing.
  5. Open filament system. Print most available print materials for FDM printing.
  6. Upgradable, be future proof in todays fast paced developments within FDM printing.
  7. Ideal for multi-user environment, with print-server and print-file management.
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The FELIX Pro 3 builds on the success of other additive manufacturing platforms in the Pro range by introducing industrial-grade quality and reliability at an unmatched price point.

The Pro 3 is an intuitive, intelligent and easy-to-use manufacturing tool for every stage of product development – from prototyping to production. It integrates seamlessly into the workflow of the office, workshop, lab or factory.

This 3D printer is handmade to order in our own factory in Europe. Our printers are enabled for modular upgrades in the future, ensuring an extensive lifespan.

✓ Two times faster dual head printing due to improved heat up times.

✓ Improved cooling for more detailed prints and damage-free object removal.

✓ Smarter control and monitoring with touch screen and webcam.

✓ Intelligent automated configuration for optimal ease of use.


Layer Resolution


250 microns


200 microns


100 microns


50 microns
Build Plate Quick Swap, magnetic, flexplate.

Max Temp 105C

Fully Auto Motorized leveling

Heat time 1.5min 25C to 60C

Print Head Dual

Quick Swap hot-end

450mm/s travel speed

Direct geared extruder

Up to 18 mm3/s build speed with .35mm nozzle (ABS @250C)

.035 standard (.5 and .7 mm optional)

Max temp 275C

Heat time 30s 25C to 200C

Resolution XY 1.6 microns

Z .15 microns

Accuracy of +/- .1mm for objects up to 100mm

Tech specs Operational sound 34 dBA

Input : 100 – 240 V, 4A, 50-60 Hz, 221 W max.

Output : 24 V DC, 9.2 A

Operational Temps: 60 – 90 F (15 – 32C)

Slicer: Simplify3D  or  Repetier-Host for FELIXprinters

Printer Comms: Standard – USB serial, MicroSD, TOUCH – USB stick, wifi, ethernet

Included in the box Printer

Build Plate

Small tool kit

Power Supply unit

AC Power supply cord

USB cable

Micro SD card,

Micro SD USB card reader

12 month warranty

QuickStart Guides

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Aftermarket & Replacement Parts, Art & Popular Culture, Casting, Concept Modeling, Display & Visualization, Elastomeric Structures, Ergonomics, Housings & Covers, Injection Molding, Jigs & Fixtures, Masks & Plugs, Production Parts, Props & Costumes, Prototypes, Reverse Engineering, Small & Medium Run Manufacturing, Snap Fit & Live Hinges, Tooling


Aerospace, Architecture & Design, Automotive, Construction, Consumer & Durable Goods, Education, Engineering, Entertainment & Art, Fashion & Jewelry, Government & Defense, Healthcare & Medical, Manufacturing, Prototyping & Modeling, Research & Development

Material Characteristics

Biodegradable, Chemical Resistance, Cold Resistance, Electrostatic Dissipation, Flexibility, Heat Resistance, High Compression Strength, High Shear Strength, High Strength, High Tensile Strength, Humidity & Moisture Resistance, Impact Resistance, Rigidity, Superior Surface Finish, UV Resistance, Water Resistance

Technology Type

Composits, Dual Extrusion, Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF/FDM)


ABS, ABS-X, ABS, PLA, and more, ASA, Carbon Fiber, Carbon fiber reinforced (CFR), ESD, FLEX, HIPS, Metal Fill, NYLON, Other Materials On Spec, PETG, PLA, PVA, TPU, Wood Fill

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