Education Resources – Updated Q4 2022

Get Started with 3DP!

Do you need education resources? Are your students tinkerers, makers, artists, explorers, inventors, engineers or all these things at once? Are you? You don’t need a specific type of printer, expensive software or even hardware to start with 3D Design! What you need are accessible education resources and tools. Tools that you – and your students – can easily access and use on any desktop, laptop, tablet. Even a phone.

Get started with design thinking, digitizing ideas, modeling, printing and more with the following education resources. We have grouped these resources in the following four categories: General Resources, Books and Print, Design Software, Slicers.

A crowd of parents, students and educators at an indoor education event. Vendor booths, including our booth are visible in the background.

General Resources

A close up photo of a plastic 3D printed object in aqua plastic. The object is a math teaching aid.

Books and Print

*Books are Amazon Affiliate Links – buys us a cup of coffee 🙂

A photo of one of our team members sitting at a computer using a 3D Systems Haptics tool. On the screen is a 3D model that he is manipulating. Various collateral and media are strewn across the table.

Design Software

(Free, Open Source, or Education Pricing and access)

A photo of a laptop with slicer software on the screen.

Slicer Software

(Free, Open Source, or Education Pricing and access)

Please note: We provide these 3rd party links and resources as references based on feedback from educators and parents alike. We do not own the linked content and content owners can change their resources at any time. We do not guarantee suitability or appropriateness for age or skill level. Please use at your own discretion. 2021