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The Vida is a low-cost, open-architecture, easy-to-maintain and user-friendly 3D printer from envisionTEC. EnvisionTEC is a long time industry leader and global provider of professional-grade 3D printing solutions. See tabs below for details and case studies.

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The Vida is a low-cost, open-architecture, easy-to-maintain and user-friendly 3D printer. Thus it is ideal for a wide variety of professional and medical applications. The Vida boasts a high-resolution projector running at 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution with custom UV optics and yields precise and strong parts.

Print jobs are pre-processed on a computer housing the Perfactory software suite. Then they are transferred to the machine via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or a USB connection, to run independently. Thus, eliminating the need for continuous connection to the pre-processing unit.

Surface quality of the printed models enables production ready parts with no signs of stair-stepping. The versatility of the Vida allows for an impressive range of materials to be processed. This gives users the ability to 3D print a wide variety of dental, orthodontic, hearing and other applications.


  • Compatible with leading dental, hearing aid and other professional design software.
  • Any STL file of a model designed from an impression or a scanner can be printed.
  • Capable of printing a wide variety of dental, orthodontic and hearing applications.
  • Changeover between materials is quick and easy with no waste.
  • Touchscreen and Wi-Fi capability enhance the user interface.
  • Very few moving parts guarantees a strong and reliable production system.

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Art & Popular Culture, Casting, CE certified, Class-IIa biocompatible / ISO 10993, Display & Visualization, Ergonomics, Injection Molding, Molds, Prototypes, Tooling


Architecture & Design, Education, Engineering, Entertainment & Art, Fashion & Jewelry, Government & Defense, Healthcare & Medical, Manufacturing, Prototyping & Modeling, Research & Development

Material Characteristics

Biodegradable, Chemical Resistance, Cold Resistance, Electrostatic Dissipation, Flexibility, Heat Resistance, High Compression Strength, High Shear Strength, High Strength, High Tensile Strength, Humidity & Moisture Resistance, Impact Resistance, Low Ash Burnout, Rigidity, Superior Surface Finish, UV Resistance, Water Resistance

Technology Type

Continuous Digital Light Manufacturing (cDLM), Digital Light Printing (DLP), Stereolithography (SLA), Vat Photopolymerization


ABS Tough, E-Clear Series, E-Denstone, E-Dent 100, E-Dent 400 C&B MFH, E-Denture 3D +, E-Glass 2.0, E-Guard, E-Guide Tint, E-Gum, E-IDB, E-Model, E-OrthoShape, E-Partial, E-Rigid PU, E-Shell® 200 Series, E-Shell® 300 Series, E-Shell® 3000 Series, E-Shell® 500 Series, E-Shell® 600 Series, E-Silicone, E-Tool 2.0, EC500, EPIC, HTM 140 V2, PIC 100 Series, Press-E-Cast, Q-View, R5, RC Series