Automotive & Transport

Leverage the benefits of 3D printing

The automotive and transport sectors have followed the aerospace industry into utilizing the game changing benefits of additive manufacturing. From innovation to cost reduction to overhauling product development processes, 3D printing is exploding in this sector. All the while providing novel tools to address complicating real world factors such as stricter environmental regulations, the rising costs of raw materials, globalized markets, and the ongoing needs of an accelerating time-to-market cycle.

Additive manufacturing is poised to be a large-scale disrupting factor in transportation and logistics, DOT BaU, racing, performance vehicles, fleet MRO and more.

Example Applications:

Repair and Maintenance, Prototyping, R&D, Production Parts, Jigs, Fixtures, Tooling, Bridge / Gap Production, quality assurance (QA), restoration, replication

Example Benefits:

Consolidation of Bill of Materials (BOM) through part simplification

Design Freedom

Just-in-Time (JuT) Manufacturing

Distributed and on-site production

Accelerated maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO)

Supply Chain Consolidation

Lightweighting for fuel consumption / costs / emission control

Reliable validation and QA processes

Tooling cost reductions

In-house production of functional prototypes

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